Kwintet (1996)

for amateur ensemble in varied set up ad lib

duration 7′

composed with financial support of het Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst

publisher Donemus

Harmonypricker (1994)

for flute and piano
duration 8′
to Anne Le Berge and Gene Carl

In Pairs (1992)

for recorder quartet
duration 10′
written for Brisk recorderquartet
commissioned by the Wagenaar stichting
published by Donemus

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20 to 21 (1991)

for 2 violoncelli
duration 12′
commissioned by FSTK

Dramm (1990)

2vl vla vc
duration 12′
commissioned by FSTK
for the VARA’ Matinee’s 30th anniversary
written for the Raphael quartet

Ritorno (1988)

saxophone quartet
dedicated to the Aurelia saxophone quartet