Huil van de Wolff (2016)

in memoriam Jan Wolff

Interdisciplinary sound installation that sounds every 22nd of each month (20.00) for eternity

in collaboration with Johan van Krey

commissioned by Muziekgebouw aan t’IJ



Laika, opera in 4 acts (2012-2014)

Opera in 4 acts.

Collaboration between Frans Thomese (libretto) Arnoud Mik (director) and Martijn Padding (composition)

for eight voices, vocal ensemble and large ensemble

fl(fl-b) ob(eh) cl(cl-b) h trp trb tb acc pf keyb g-e perc str electronics

duration 100′

Commissioned by Pierre Audi, DNO, Holland Festival and composed with financial support by Pierre Audi (Vermeer Prijs), DNO and the FPK for the Holland Festival 2014

published by Donemus

Platteland als podium (2010)

Music Theatre in collaboration with Paul Koek and the Veenfabriek.

for singing and playing actors and ensemble

duration 80′

composed with financial support by the FPK for the Veenfabriek and Asko|Schönberg



Licht is de Machine (2008)

Music theatre piece in collaboration with Paul Koek , Joost Rekveld, Teun Mosk and the Veenfabriek

Scenario/libretto Paul Slangen

for singing actors and ensemble

rec cl vln 4keyb perc trb cb

duration 120′


Superville (2005)

Music Theatre in collaboration with Paul Koek, Joost Rekveld and the Veenfabriek.

for 5 (singing and playing) actors

duration 70′

commisoned by the Veenfabriek



westerpark processie (2003)

accidental music for marching musicians and actors

duration ad lib

Composed with financial support by stadsdeel Westerpark


Pikkepoezenwals (2003)

music theatre in collaboration with Annemarie Prins

live electronic music with Krysta Vincent

duration 70′


Sulphur (2000)

Dance movie in collaboration with Leine en Roebana, Jellie Dekker and Frank van der Wei

electronic music


composed with financial support by the NTS


Tattooed tongues (2000-2002)

Opera on a libretto by Friso Haverkamp

for three singers and amplified ensemble

3soloists fl cl el.wind instr. bug (or trp) trp trb perc el.g pf 2vl vla vc

duration 90′

composed with financial support by het Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst and the Warschaw Autumn Festival for the LOOS ensemble

publisher Donemus

Harmoniehof (1997)

electronic music for a music theatre production in collaboration with Annemaris Prins(text), Frank Mandersloot(art direction), Frank van der Wei  electronic studio/co-composer
duration 40′
commissioned by Nan van Houten(Frascati) and the City of Amsterdam.