Three Birthday Pieces (2019)


For Symphony Orchestra

3,2,2,2  2,3,2,0.  hrp, celesta, acc, 2 perc, strings

on the occasion of LouisAndriessen’s 80th birthday concert Matinee

30 nov 2019 Concertgebouw Amsterdam

Commissioned by Kees Vlaardingerbroek and composed for the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra with financial support by the Vrienden van de Matinee


for Louis

1:Birthday Choral

2:Keizersgracht Shuffle

3:The one and only

Duration c 18’00”

Donemus publisher

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Shenzhen-The Hague Spring 2019

For violin, harp, accordeon and piano

duration ca 4′

Padding Music productions

Holland Spring (2018)

for violin, accordeon/bajan, piano and harp

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The right Bird in the wrong Cage (1989)

for woodwind quintet and piano

duration ca 6′

unpublished (score lost)

Triple Concertino (2018)

for Three woodwinds solo and Orchestra

Commissioned by Floris Don and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra.

Written with financial support by the Performing Arts Fund NL for Ron Tijhuis, Hans Wisse, Romke-Jan Wijmenga, Jan Willem de Vriend and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

eh solo, bcl solo, cbsn solo

2fl, 2ob, 2cl, 2bsn, 2hrn, 2trp, timp, perc(1), strings

1: First Movement

2: Quiet, Simple

3: Polka Swing

Duration 19′

Donemus publisher

One Flute (2018-19)

seven pieces for flute solo

Commissioned by Rien de Reede and composed for Thies Roorda

Fanfare (12 sentences)

Homage to Eric Satie

Canon 5:11

Mysterious Flute

Homage to Ferdinand Cheval

Fanfare Revisited

Three Riens

Duration ca 18′

Broekmans en van Poppel uitgeverij

RCO Echos (2018)

for double brass quintet and timpany

duration 4 minutes

Echo Fanfare for the opening ceremony of the RCO House.

Composed on request of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra for an ensemble of their musicians

Unpublished/ Padding Music Productions

Baldwin Close Ups (2018)

For panflute, recorders, viola, accordeon and percussion.

duration 23 minutes

Commissioned by and composed for Black Pencil

1: Speed ups

2: Three to four to five to ten and reverse

3: John Baldwin’s bio

4: Bycinium

5: The funeral of John Baldwin


Padding Music Productions

Mecenas Suite (2018)

for ensemble and speaker  2018

duration 22 minutes

fl(bfl), cl, trp, acc, perc, vln, vlc, speaker

1: Entree van de mecenas

2:Mecenas Shuffle

3:Mecenas spreekt 1

4:Portret Joop en Janine van den Ende

5:Ministerie van Culturele zaken

6:Portret Pieter en Francoise Geelen

7:Mars der beschaving (voor een kratje bier)

8:Portret Martijn en Jeanette Sanders

9: Mecenas spreekt 2

commissioned by Eva Stegeman en Kamermuziekfestival Den Haag.

unpublished/ Padding Music Productions


They are home again! (2017)

For reed quintet  14′

ob, cl, a-sax, bcl, bsn

composed for Calefax

1: Zeegezicht bij Scheveningen

2: Het uitgaan van de hervormde gemeente te Nuenen

Donemus publisher