Softly Bouncing (2017)

for symphony orchestra

2222 4231 timp 2 perc strings

duration 12′

commissioned by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Premiered by Jaap van Zweden and the KCO

publisher Donemus

Canzonas book 1 (2017)

for trombone ensemble (5-8 players)

duration 16′

commissioned by and composed for New Trombone Collective

publisher Donemus

Diamand liederen (2017)

for soprano, flute and piano (&keyboard)

on text by Frank Diamand

duration 12′


Three Birmingham pieces (2017)

for clarinet, viola and piano

duration 11′

composed for the Incus trio

Padding music productions

Huil van de Wolff (2016)

in memoriam Jan Wolff

Interdisciplinary sound installation that sounds every 22nd of each month (20.00) for eternity

in collaboration with Johan van Krey

commissioned by Muziekgebouw aan t’IJ



Cello Biennale Galop 2016 (2016)

for cello quartet and percussion quartet

duration 7′

commissoned by the Cello Biennale for their edition of 2017

Padding Music productions

Slow landscape (with thunder, version 2) (2016)

Concerto for bassflute and ensemble

fl-b-solo fl/fl-a 2cl eh h trp trb tb trb cb pf/keyb  perc vn vla vc

duration 15′

publisher Donemus



Unequal Parts (version 2016)

Concerto for piano and small ensemble

fl(pic fl-b) ob cl-es cl-b/bcl hrn trp trb ctrb(or tb) 2perc  acc 2vln vla vlc cb pf-solo


1: fast

2: slow

duration 20′

New edited version of the original piece from 2006, recomposed for the occasion of the Johan Wagenaar Prize 2018

for Gerard Bouwhuis and the New European Ensemble

Composed with financial support of theFonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst. – on request of van Jan Zekveld. – for Gerard Bouwhuis and ASKO Ensemble voor het Zaterdag Matinee.

publisher Donemus

Galimathias Musicum (2015-16)

for Symphony orchestra (and forte piano)

2fl(fl-a) 2ob 2cl 2fg 2h 2trp perc fortepf str

duration 26′

composed with financial support by the FPK for het Residentie Orkest

publisher Donemus

Entrance (version 2015)

for Orchestra

2fl 2ob 2cl 2fg 4h 2trp 3trb tb timp 2perc str

duration 6′

composed with financial support by the FPK for Jurjen Hempel and NSO

publisher Donemus