Two Trumpets descending (2023)


Ensemble I SOLISTI commissioned “Two Trumpets Descending” in celebration of Louis Andriessen’s 85th birthday, which was made possible through financial support from the Performing Arts Fund NL.


2 Solo Trumpets in C

Soprano Saxophone
Alto Saxophone (also Baritone Saxophone) Baritone Saxophone

Horn in F Trumpet 3 in C

2 Trombones Bass Trombone


Percussion (1 player):
Vibraphone (prepared with aluminium foil),
3 Suspended Cymbals (small, medium & large), 2 small Woodblocks, Guica, Vibraslap, Guero, Tamtam

Double Bass

Performance notes:

The ensemble has two solo trumpets positioned on the left and right side.
It is recommended to slightly amplify the solo trumpets, piano, and percussion with sufficient reverb.

Score in concert pitch

Duration: c. 14’30”

Donemus Publishing