Organ Concerto (2024)

Organ Concerto was commissioned by Johan Luijmes and the Orgelpark for Laurens de Man and the New European Ensemble on the occasion of the Nederlandse Muziek Prijs ceremony for Laurens de Man.



Flute Trumpet in C Trombone

Percussion (1 player):
Thai gong (suspended, on foam), 3 Cymbals (small, medium & large), 2 Woodblocks,
Guero (small), Flexatone, Tamtam (small), Waldteufel, Ruler (long plastic, bouncing on a table), Pedal Hi-hat, Pedal Bass drum, Glockenspiel, Table lamp (of/on switch, preferably with
violet bulb), Hairbrush (on cushion), Guica, Housebell (small), Tubular Bell,
7 light sounding metal plates (undefined pitch) or similar materials




Organ solo


Score in concert pitch


Duration: c. 30′

Donemus Publishing

Two Trumpets descending (2023)


Ensemble I SOLISTI commissioned “Two Trumpets Descending” in celebration of Louis Andriessen’s 85th birthday, which was made possible through financial support from the Performing Arts Fund NL.


2 Solo Trumpets in C

Soprano Saxophone
Alto Saxophone (also Baritone Saxophone) Baritone Saxophone

Horn in F Trumpet 3 in C

2 Trombones Bass Trombone


Percussion (1 player):
Vibraphone (prepared with aluminium foil),
3 Suspended Cymbals (small, medium & large), 2 small Woodblocks, Guica, Vibraslap, Guero, Tamtam

Double Bass

Performance notes:

The ensemble has two solo trumpets positioned on the left and right side.
It is recommended to slightly amplify the solo trumpets, piano, and percussion with sufficient reverb.

Score in concert pitch

Duration: c. 14’30”

Donemus Publishing

26 Seconds (2023)

Composed for Joe Puglia

with financial support by the Performing Arts Fund NL

Scoring Violin solo

Duration: c. 6 minutes

Donemus Publishing

It comes from afar (2023)


For Symphonic Wind Orchestra

It comes from afar is composed for and commissioned by Harmonie St Michaël van Thorn with financial support by the Performing Arts Fund (FPK).


Flute 1-3 (1 Flute also Alto Flute) Oboe 1.2
English Horn
Bassoon 1.2

Clarinet in E flat Clarinets in B flat 1-3 Bass Clarinet Contrabass Clarinet

Soprano Saxophone Alto Saxophone 1.2 Tenor Saxophone 1.2 Baritone Saxophone

Horn in F 1-4
Trumpet in B flat 1-4
Trombone 1-4 (4 Bass Trombone) Tenor Tuba (Euphonium) in C 1.2.3 Bass Tuba in C 1.2.3
Double Bass

Percussion 1:
Keyboard, preferably Yamaha with pitch bend wheel and ‘Whistle’ sample

Percussion 2:
Vibraphone. Tubular bells (C5 & F5 flat), Crotale (C4 sharp) on Timpano, 2 Suspended cymbals (small & large)

Percussion 3:
Marimba, Tubular bells (A4 flat & B4 flat), Crotale (F4) on Timpano, Vibraslap, Guica

Percussion 4:
Glockenspiel, Tubular bells (F4 & G4), 2 Cymbals, Tamtam, 2 Woodblocks, Gran cassa

Percussion 5:
Timpani, Thai gongs, Crotale (C4) on Timpano, 2 Woodblocks, 2 Log drums, Tubular bells (D4 & E5) (When Large Thai gong is not available any resona:ng plate with undefined pitch roughly in the notated register may be used instead)

Score in Concert pitch

Duration c. 18′

Donemus Publishing


AEC (2023)



AEC has been commissioned by Martin Prchal and the Royal Conservatory of The Hague in honor of the 70th anniversary of the European Association of Conservatoires (AEC)

The composition has been written for the trombone class of Sebastiaan Kemner at the KC Conservatory

2 Trombone choirs (minimum of 8 players)

Performance note
The trombone choirs should face each other

Duration: c. 5’50”

Padding Music Productions

Oorkaan Tempi (2023)



Composed with financial support by the Performing Arts Fund NL.

Music/Workbook for music theatre group Oorkaan.

cl/bcl, vln, hrp, acc, perc

Duration ca 30′

Padding Music Productions

One Harpsichord (2021)

for Harpsichord solo

Composed for the Prix Annelie de Man 2023 with financial support by the Performing Arts Fund.

One Harpsichord is written for a two manual harpsichord

Duration ca 8′

Donemus Publishing.



Jacob van Ruysdael, the enlightened Calvinist (2022)

for string quartet

Composed on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Ruysdael Quartet with

financial support by the Performing Arts Fund

Duration c 4 minutes

Kyrie Eleison (2020)

for mixed choir, keyboard and string orchestra

text by P.F. Thomése

Kyrie Eleison is composed on request by Wilmar Visser
for members of the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, their conductor Karina Callenakis
and members of the Groot Omroepkoor with financial support by the NTR

It is written as a remembrance to the victims of the Corona outbreak (2020)

Duration 4’30”

Padding Music Productions

Schumann’s last Procession (2008/2022)

for Tenor trombone (also percussion) and String quartet

Original version was composed with financial support by the Fonds Podium Kunsten for

Brandt Atema(contra bass trombone) and Astrid Haring (harp).

This version is arranged on request by Jörgen van Rijen and the Alma Quartet with financial support by

Foundation Concertgebouworkest and Jörgen van Rijen.


Duration c. 6′