Greetings from Holland (2011)

for bassoon, harmonium and percussion
duration 16′
composed for Mette Laugs
published by Donemus

Glimpse (2010)

for period orchestra or contemporary symphony orchestra

2fl 2ob 2cl 2fg 2h 2trp timp str

duration 12′

composed with financial support by the Holland Festival for Jos van Immerseel and Anima Eterna

publisher Donemus

Platteland als podium (2010)

Music Theatre in collaboration with Paul Koek and the Veenfabriek.

for singing and playing actors and ensemble

duration 80′

composed with financial support by the FPK for the Veenfabriek and Asko|Schönberg



Last words (2010)

Concerto for cello and ensemble

fl cl trp trb keyb perc vc solo vl vla cb
Duration: 17’00”
Composed with financial support by the FPK for Doris Hochscheid and Asko|Schönberg.Commissioned by the Cello Biennale 2010

Publisher Donemus


First Harmonium Concerto (Asko|Schönberg version) 2009

Concerto for harmonium and ensemble

fl(fl-b pic) ob cl(cl-b) fg h trp trb MIDI-keyboard perc el.g g-b/cb vl vla harm-solo

duration 18′

alternative version of the original  composed with financial support of the FPK for Dirk Luijmes and orkest de Ereprijs

publisher Donemus

Short histories on nothing (2009)

piano and string quartet
composed for Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble and Victoria Korshunov
published by Donemus

Al-LE-LOUIS (2009)

for large ensemble

3fl 2ob 2cl-b 2trp flghn 2hn 2trb 3perc 6vl 2pf keyb cymb el. g g-b

duration 4′

on the occasion of the 70th birthday of Louis Andriessen

publisher Donemus

Three reflexions on previous thoughts (2009)

for orchestra (including rythm section)and female voice
Wah wah wah
Zeuf a go go
Very Quiet
composed for the Metropole orchestra and Jurjen Hempel
published by Donemus Donemus

White Eagle (2009)

Concerto for violin and ensemble

fl cl(cl-b) h trp tb acc/bajan perc vla vc vl-sol

duration 16′

composed with financial support of the FPK for Heleen Hulst and Asko|Schönberg

publisher Donemus

Dood en Pijn (beloofd is beloofd) 2009

2 keyboards, hi-hat, pedal bassdrum
c 3,5 minutes
written for Rik Elgeest en Bo Koek